Monday, April 20, 2009

My Lightning Round Talk at Mt. West Ruby Conference

I attended the Mt. West Ruby Conference last month with good friend and fellow Rubyist/iPhone developer Sam Schroeder. We had a great time attending the conference and even got a little skiing in before the event began. I also had a chance to meet Jay Phillips from Adhearsion and an opportunity to do a quick lightning talk on Adhearsion at the end of the conference. The organizers were nice enough to give me 3 minutes and the very last slot, so that is why I'm speaking so fast! I did notice though, that I need to work on stopping the use of my crutch words like, "um..." during my presentations. I'll also be speaking at the Ruby User's of Minnesota on April 27th to show off the Adhearsion Sandbox and other software as a service telephony frameworks available to developers. Watch the video below to see a quick example of my lightning talk at the Mt. West Ruby Conference.

There were some excellent presenters and I'm definitely planning to attend next year. You can watch any of the other talks or lightning rounds here. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

#MWRC Was a great time. I'll be back there next year with you. Maybe we can talk more people to come along.