Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mobile Software Development at Localtone

If some of you have been following me on Twitter you might have seen that I'm becoming actively involved in mobile software development. I thought might be good to do quick post relating to the some of the talks that I've given on the subject and a presentations I have coming up this month. If you are looking to learn more about mobile and are local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I suggest you join us at one of the Mobile Twin Cities User's group meetings that I have founded. a BIG thanks to everyone who has presented at the previous meetings an Breon Nagy for recording our presentations!

Mobile Twin Cities
http://mobiletwincities.com - We meet the third Tuesday of the month.

Watch us online realtime or archived videos from the meetings can be found here:

Twin Cities Java user's Group - (TCJUG)
I presented at TCJUG where I showed my "Contratoid" Android app and deployed it to the Android market all in one evening.

Video, source code and slide from this meeting can be found here.

Video at: http://is.gd/U4Zr (the presentation starts about 10 minutes into the video)
Source at: http://is.gd/TZFP
Slides at: http://is.gd/U5tM

I presented on Android at the Ruby User's of MN (RUM) group. Slide from this presentation can be found here.


If VoIP is your things, I also spoke on Adhearsion as well at RUM. Slides from that presentation can be found here:


Finally, I'll be talking about Android at the Penguin's Unbound meeting this weekend where we'll try and create another Android app and deploy it to the market. Hope you can attended.


I'm available for consulting around mobile software development on all devices. Would be more than happy to spend some time talking with your organization around how you can use mobile and VoIP technologies.

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