Friday, February 27, 2009

F1 Web Challenge v2.0

Well, the F1 Web Challenge is back again this year! I'll be participating in the Team Ruby.MN. We just got word yesterday that our team t-shirts are done, we have met as a group a few times since the event to plan out the logistics and everyone is fired up to take on whatever non-profit is assigned to us. Yahoo!

What is the F1 Web Challenge You Ask?

It's a yearly competition put on by a local software consulting firm that brings non-profits together with programmers in a competitive setting to see who can build the best website in 24 hours. From being in the event last year, "24 Hours" is really a misnomer. That's the amount if time you'll be working, but not the amount of time you'll actually be awake and at the event. Last year I was at the event from around 7:00 am Saturday, until 4:00 pm Sunday and then by the time I got home and unwound, I didn't actually get to sleep until 7:00 pm on Sunday. I ended up being awake for 36 hours!

All of the that being said, the event was extremely fun and rewarding. I met some really great people, made some really good friends and had a chance to work with some of the brightest programmers in town. What more could I ask for? I should have been paying to get into this event!

I'll be trying to post photos and details on the event on the blog here as time permits. We won't know our non-profit that we are assigned to until we show up that morning. One thing they have changed this year was to increase the members on the team count, so we have two more bodies to help us get the work done. I'm excited to see what we create!

F1 WEb Challenge Website:

Our Team (Ruby.MN) Website:

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