Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sun Midwest Java Technology Day

Sun had their Midwest Java Technology Day on Tuesday to tout a number of the new technologies they are introducing to the market. I'm excited the Sun has an interest in promoting dynamic languages in the JVM and the keynote by Tim Bray was no exception. He talked about how right now is a perfect time to start you own company. The barriers to entry are the lowest they have ever been in terms of open source software and if you have an idea and are willing to do hard work, you can do it. It was very inspirational for an entrepreneur myself. In not so many words he said, "Leave your boring day job and work in technologies that interest you!". Great advice. I've been in business for myself for over a year now and have absolutely loved it. He also had a number of slides discussing the great advantages of using a Ruby on Rails for your next web application (or start up).

The remainder of the conference was pretty typical with EJB 3.0, Glassfish and the new features in JDK7. I does seem that Sun is getting the message of a more light and agile stack in the frameworks and creating web services in NetBeans running Glassfish is pretty neat. However, the fact that the head technology evangelist at Sun is talking Ruby to CEO's at companies makes me feel good that this Ruby thing might be more than just a fad. I know I've found some great productivity gains when working in Rails and once the managers see the benifits in terms of cost, the services Localtone Interactive provides will be very much in need.

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