Monday, September 3, 2007

User Contributed Radio

Earlier this week Justin Grammens presented to the Ruby Users of Minnesota Group (RUM) a demo of the latest service Localtone Interactive just launched called Localtone Radio. It's a new type of streaming internet radio station that allows the listeners to upload their content into the station and vote on what songs should be played. No large corporations that control the airwaves dictating what songs people hear. It's the community of listeners that have a direct impact on what people hear by their contributions and votes! It's a fresh new idea ( User Contributed Radio we like to call it ) in media distribution and one that we see more and more media outlets moving toward to as social networks continue to grow on the internet.

A PDF of the slides from the presentation if you are interested can be found here.

Localtone Radio has also been getting a few interesting press pieces both mentioned in the Rake Magazine on the secrets of the day and on MNSpeak. We are hopeful that as the word gets out to others artists in the Twin Cities people will be come excited in using this type of medium to promote themselves.

Having been in a number of bands in the Twin Cities Area, we here at Localtone know what it's like to be ignored by the corporate control of radio. It's really sad that money controls so much of the media we consume. Localtone Radio is out to change that. Visit the site, contribute audio and vote on what audio you like!

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